Radial Engineering AC-Driver Tonebone

July 17, 2018

The Radial Engineering AC-Driver Tonebone is on the pedal board for the Godin Grand Concert SA. It Sounds very clean and transparent took out the 200k mud it’s the last pedal on the board and after the Fishman Aura. It allows me to use XLR to the board or to the Bose S1 Pro’s for smaller gigs. It’s perfect. I can clean up the low end with the Low Cut, notch out feedback with Notch, control volume. Well thought out and easy to use. Thanks Radial. Great Tonebone


Beat Buddy

July 12, 2018

I originally purchased one of the Beat Buddies b/4 they came out and was disappointed with the original release. However I’ve been hearing good things on the Beat Buddy on FB and You Tube and thought I should give it another try. Man am I glad I did. The sounds, functionality, ease of use/navigation, color tempo screen, additional content (Cajon & Flamenco) are wonderful. Thanks Singular Sound. It worked for 30min now it’s not working right. It looks like if you run two Tip Ring Left and right out to a TRS Cable for a stereo input the pedal dose not work right causing the cymbals to latch to tempo. The fix was just run two TR cables separate out to the mixer. Back up and running. Looking forward to trying it out this weekend.


July 12, 2018

DÁddario’s new Strap Lock designed by Ned Steinberg. Easy to install and look great. Easy to use as well. #Daddario

Reference Laboratory Reference Cables.

July 12, 2018

Trying out a new cable from Italy made by Reference Laboratory Reference Cables. This one is the Electro-Acoustic Guitar Cable. I just received from Godin. Made in Italy, the Reference RIC01-A Guitar Cable is a cable of the highest quality and recommended for all electro-acoustic instruments with piezo pickups! Featuring Symmetrical Conductor Technology, which eliminates any unbalance in the signal route, the result is a full range linear rich sound.

This is a fantastic cable I tried it straight to the Bose S1 Pro from a Godin Grand Concert SA with the RMC direct and it sounds great. EQ on Bose S1 Pro Flat with Tone Match Set for Guitar. Thanks Godin. I’ve also used it on my Culpepper Flamenco with a LR Baggs Dual Source Pickup & Mic straight to QSC TouchMix 8 and it sounds beautiful no eq.

Bose S1 Pro Travel Backpack

June 29, 2018

So if you were a early purchaser of the Bose S1 Pro w Battery pack you were able to revive a free back pack from Bose. Thanks Bose

Godin Grand Concert SA

June 29, 2018

I have been using Godin Guitars on and off in the past but recently wanted a very solid robust traveling giging guitar that was not so fragile. I do over 150+gigs a year and sometime need to travel and play in areas that are not always safe for instruments.

I do have excellent Flamenco guitars by Luthier Lester Devoe & Andy Culpepper. however some gigs just won’t do by a mic alone or be safe. Ahh to the point. The Godin Grand Concert is just right when you need to amplify on stage w/o feedback and w/o lots of time to set up. I can get in and out for a wedding in 10min with a Pedalboard & Roland GR 55 or GR 20 guitar synth. So the transport and set up is very easy. When I set up I generally use a wireless system to run the RMC pickups to a Fishman Aura 16 (Godin Multiac SA Image”s) then to a Grace AliX for fine eq, Boss RV-500 for Reverb, Digitech Jam Man for Looper and out to a QSC TouchMix 8 Mixer or straight to EV

Evolve 50 or 2 Bose S1 Pro”s. That”s the set up.

The tone is wonderful. Once you understand how to use the onboard eq treble, mid, bass (cut, flat or bost) you dial in your tone and your pretty good to go. Add the Fishman Aura if you want the mic air in your sound. Playability is just fun/ effortless and feels great. It”s very fast on the fretboard. I was not sure if I would like the radius or Richlite fretboard but I really like both. I do use just the RMC pickup signal out and walk around wirelessly and come back to my area and will hook up the 13pin Roland cable to hook up to the GR Synth. The guitar tracks very well and I have played live with no glitches. I”ve played a few gigs out on only the Godin even though I had a back up. I”m really enjoying the new Godin Grand Concert SA. Bottom line is my clients and I like the sound of this guitar and they rehire me and bring me back for future events. It is worth getting a wider and padded strap if you play more than a few minutes.

Godin Grand Concert SA in a Godin Hard Case.

Ultra Portable and Battery Powered Rig.

May 15, 2018

I have for a long time wanted to be able to have a very easy and portable rig that sounds fantastic. It would be able to accommodate using a mixer as well as my DPA 4099G microphone. For me to be able to play outdoor weddings or outdoor events with an easy set up and no need for AC is a must. I’m so glad that this year Bose came out with the S1 Pro. I i’ve been using the S1pro for the last six months with no issues and I’m very happy with it (them I have 2) however to play things in stereo I needed a mixer and I’m glad that Behringer has a battery powered stereo mixer with phantom power. The Behringer Xenyx 1002B. The mixer when using phantom power needs 3 9 V batteries but if you’re only running the mixer without phantom power 2 9 V batteries. And then using my DPA 4099 microphone I use the Sennheiser G3 wireless we’re both the transmitter and receiver run on two AA batteries. All my batteries are rechargeable from batteries on the Bose to the batteries on the Behringer and the Sennheiser wireless system for my paddleboard I have a pedal train volto 2 battery that powers my LR bags Align Series EQ, Reverb, DI, TC Electronic Spark Booster & Looper & Line 6G30 Wireless.

Travel Gig Rig no AC

March 23, 2018

The Compact and lightweight travel system is completed. It begins with the Andy Culpepper Flamenco Blanca with the LR Baggs Dual Source Pick Up going to the pedalboard by CNZ Audio and powered by Pedaltrain’s Volto 2. The pedals are the Line 6 G30 (Underneath) LR Baggs Align Series Equalizer, Reverb, TC Electronic Spark & Ditto, LR Baggs Active DI. Then XLR Out to the Bose S1 Pro PA.

LR Baggs Align Series Equalizer, Reverb, and Active DI

March 10, 2018

The LR Baggs EQ & Reverb and Active DI are so quiet and so tonally transparent. They sound great with the Andy Culpepper #83 with the LR Baggs Dual Source. I just tried it all with the Bose S1 Pro and the EV Evolve 50. I’m keeping them. My review: “I have always liked LR Baggs. This eq sounds so clean and transparent. No coloration or tone suck or hiss. I am using the eq on my nylon string Culpepper Flamenco outfitted with a LR Baggs Dual Source Pickup. I have used quite a few eq pedals and this is one of my favorite. The frequency eq are perfectly selected for the acoustic guitarist. The size of the pedal is great it can fit on a nano pedalboard or other small board. I really wanted to have an EQ pedal that I could use with the battery and be completely free of using electricity. I’m using this pedal in conjunction with the LR Baggs Align Reverb and then run it it directly to the Bose S1 Pro in doing so do not need any electricity from an outlet. Finally even the shape of the pedal and look (wood grain) is a great aesthetic.” Thanks LR Baggs. *Update*:

Hey I just put lr bags Through the EV Evolve 50 system and oh my gosh does it sound good you can feel the bass there’s no feedback it’s truly amazing the reverb is fantastic.

LR Baggs Align Series Reverb

Reverb: LR Baggs Align Series Reverb. What a fantastic and transparent reverb. It does not add color or change the acoustic tone of your instrument. The Reverb trail is clear and sounds very natural there is no hiss generated and no graininess in the Reverb trail. It’s truly an acoustic reverb tool for the acoustic guitar player or acoustic musician. One of the best reverbs. Very natural. It’s also has a musical and lush tone easy sonically. And finally it looks great the wood aesthetic is very appealing and fits for acoustic instruments. Well done Loyd

What LR Baggs says about the Align Series Reverb “Proprietary Reverb Tailored Specifically for Acoustic Instruments
The Align Reverb was built from the ground up to complement the natural body dynamics and warmth of acoustic instruments. The circuit seamlessly integrates the wet and dry signals with the effect in side chain so that it never overwhelms the original signal. The designers shaped the reverb with analog EQ to reflect the natural voice inherent in acoustic instruments. Additionally, the tone control adds versatility by sweeping from warm and muted to open and present. The result is an organic reverb that maintains the audiophile purity of the original signal with the controls set in any position.


• Reverb control blends reverb signal with unaffected signal

• Decay adjusts the length of the reverb tail

• Tone sweeps a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between”

If you need a soft case for your pedals check out Tuki Covers http://www.tukicovers.com 800-344-TUKI.

Savarez Cantiga

February 27, 2018

I have been trying the Savarez Cantiga 510MJ High and 510 MRJ Mixed Tension and like both. The Basses are the same. The sets are a mix of three lines of Savarez Strings. Cantiga on Bass. New Cristal on e & b string and Alliance on g. I have been trying them out on a Cordoba F7 Paco Cedar Top Flamenco Guitar.

I have had the Savarez Cantiga 510 MI High Tension strings on for about 10 days and really like them on my Cordoba F7 Paco Cedar Top. They needed about 2-3 days to warm up/ break in and are now very silky smooth on my fingers. Great tonal variations. The intonation is perfect on all strings. To me they don’t feel like a traditional hard tension string at 91.39lbs. The G string is the Alliance Fluorocarbon and feels good and good tone not tubby or to bright. They remind me of DÁddarío EJ45C when they are broken in. I think I’m going to keep using these for a bit. I hope they hold up to our door humidity and heat.