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So why this Blog about Nylon Live

June 29, 2011

The last few years I have been searching how to play my Nylon String guitars live and sound good.  I have spent a lot of time and money learning a few things about the process and would like to share what I have learned along the way.  I will be adding my take on this dilemma but I would like to go on the record right now.  I believe that a mic sound best if you really know what you are doing and that is key to making it sound good.  I also believe that this responsibility falls on the ones playing the instrument and I think its far to say lear your gear and how to use it.  Weather its a mic, to small pa or mic thorough a bunch of rack gear to a house pa system.  Make your sound your responsibility and lean the art. There are times however where to play loud with a band or house of worship /cafe /restaurant / book store / small venue where no one really understands how to engineer sound you may cut your beloved guitar and use a pick up.  But did you really have too? That being said I will be exploring the possibilities and posting what others have found along the was as well .   I am open to questions and helping others find there way.  Theres a lot of gear out there and a lot of good advertising so it can be hard to learn whats really best for you.  There are sales people who will tell you what there selling is the best but is it? Ok.  I am not a graduate of any school program however I do have a few friends who are and I do go to the AES confrences and have been involved with live sound for over 20 years.  So thats why I have started this blog.