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Galli Genius Titanio GR45 Normal Strings

July 23, 2011

I’m trying out a set of strings my parents purchased for me in Italy they are the Galli Genius Titanio GR45 Strings. I like the way they feel on my DeVoe Negra. They sound good. The bass strings needed a few hours to set in and stretch. The trebles settled quickly.


LaBella 2001 Medium Hard Tension

July 21, 2011

I decided to try some new LaBella 2001 Medium Hard Tension strings out on the DeVoe Blanca. They seem to set in quick 1-3hrs. I thought they feel very nice on my fingers. I like the feel. The tone is warm and balanced with no mush or brash hardness on trebles.


Added Compression to live rig

July 12, 2011

After a conversation with (Taz) Terrance Sellers I decided to try using the DBX 266xl Gate Compressor again.  My DPA 4099G mic goes to the Mackie Pro FX8, bass cut on channel one, eq on channel all set to 0+/-My Settings are Expander/Gate -40 Ratio 2:1 on Compressor Threshold +10, Ratio 3:1 Attack 12 o’clock. Release 12 o’clock, Output Gain +10.  Then back to the Mackie Pro FX8 and the DBX 131s is between the line out on Mackie and input of the QSC K


Update for Live Setup

July 10, 2011

I’ve just started using the DBX 131s and my iPhone with a RTA ( Real Time Analyzer) by Audio Tools by Studio Six Digital. My signal is the DPA 4099G mic or Shure KSM 141, then to my Mackie Pro Fx8 Board, then in Chanel one or two I run a trs cable to the DBX 131s and set mic gain and fader volume. Then I run the RTA to see where frequencies begin to feedback and notch them out. The Mackie then runs a line to my QSC K8 speakers.


DBX 131s Graphic EQ

July 8, 2011

To help play live at louder volumes with a mic a graphic equalizer is a must. What I am using is a 31Band Single Chanel Graphic EQ that I am inserting in the line in on the Chanel strip of the mixer. Then I have every thing adjusted flat and with the use of my iPhone running a RTA Real Time Analyzer I notch out the frequencies that cause feedback, I also do some tone shaping with the eq. I am using the DBX 131s.


DPA 4099 G Mic

July 3, 2011

Used the DPA 4099g Mic with the DeVoe Blanca, ran the mic into a Mackie Pro FX8, and QSC K8. I was very happy with the sound and no feedback. Was told that you were able to hear the music inside the wine tasting room as well as outside.


This picture was taken at the end of the gig.

DPA 4099 G with Fishman Loudbox

July 1, 2011

Tomorrow night I will be sitting in with guitarist Chris Mood at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards in NJ. for a few songs we will be using his amp which I was told will be the Fishman Loudbox Performer, I will be playing my DeVoe Blanca and will use the DPA 4099G Mic, I will try to post a link to how we sound as well as some pics of the event.