Removed iMix

After playing with the LR Baggs iMix C iBeam and Element I did not like the feel of the electronics and battery in the guitar as well as the Element sound. So I’ve decided to remove the active electronics (iMix) and the Element pick up, while leaving the iBeam (now passive) connected to a new end pin jack. I’ll try this and use the LR Baggs Para DI or Gig Pro for the iBeams Pre Amp. I’ve used just the iBeam with good results. I like how the guitar feels with out all of the electronics in it.




The individual who installed the pickup did a poor job and did not balance the Element and did not install it properly, they drove a 90 degree hole and not 45 degree. They dinged the guitar in a few places and finally they too too much off the saddle and ruined a hand made custom saddle. Very disappointed with this persons work. I was able to order a Saddle shim from Bob Colosi Custom Guitar Saddles this will be a temporary fix until Lester DeVoe is able to make a new Saddle.

Hears what it sounds like with just the iBeam:



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