LR Baggs PARA Acoustic DI

I picked up the LR Baggs PARA Acoustic DI to use with my LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical pick up that’s on my DeVoe Blanca. The DI is a 5 Band EQ that really tames the pickup and gives you some control so you can really dial in your guitars sound and cut or boost frequencies. I really like it and found it gives the guitar a more realistic non hyped sound.


I highly recommend it.

The L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI treats your acoustic guitar to the best. Studio-quality direct box/preamp/equalizer. Quasi-passive 5-band EQ includes sweepable mids, notch filter, and presence control. Boosts your signal up to 24dB. Runs on 48V phantom power or a 9V battery. Phase inversion for the best recording mix. XLR balanced output. Ultrahigh input impedance to get the best out of any pickup. Series effects loop. Low cut filter to eliminate thumps. The L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI is made in the USA.


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