Live DeVoe Blanca Setup


I’m now using on my DeVoe Blanca RMC Acoustic Gold Tall Pickups RMC Poly-Drive-II, Fishman Aura Spectrum DI, Roland GI-20, Roland XV 5050 and a Ernie Ball Volume Pedal and a Roland EV-5 Volume Pedal all of this goes to a Fishman SA 220 amp. I am very happy with the sound of the pickups from RMC and the Aura Spectrum. It really sounds very (mic) like with out feedback problems.



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5 Responses to “Live DeVoe Blanca Setup”

  1. andre gomes crysostomo Says:

    where you bought this rmc pickup??
    thank you

  2. Alexandre Says:

    Hi, do you know if these pickups works well with no polydrive, only with fishman aura pre amp?

    • v2or Says:

      All of the RMC pickups I believe require some sort of preamp. You don’t have to use the ploy drive but you will need a internal preamp. I suggest you contact RMC and ask for Robert MiGlish and share what you are trying to do/ accomplish.

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