Motu Track 16 for Live use


I’ve been using the MOTU Track 16 for my live mixer on shows in CA and its been fantastic with CueMixFx.

On my trip out to CA this Aug I decided to try something new and very light. I used the MOTU Track 16 with there built in CUEMixFX for eq and reverb. I start with the DPA 4099G mic. Then I have been also using the RMC Pickups to a Roland GI 20 interface to convert to midi, then into Pro Tools 9 on a Mac Book Pro and in Pro Tools I use Omnishphier, and Stylus RMX as well as Machine. This then gets mixed and out to a QSC K8 or Beringer 10in speaker, I use the headphones out as my monitor send and and in ear headphones so I don’t have a need for monitors. Its been sounding great and I like that I can travel and take the whole system with me when I fly.





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