Powerwerks PW50 Personal PA System

I was in Ocean City NJ and saw the Powerwerks PW50 Personal PA System at Grass Roots Music on Asbury St. This little 50 watt PA has 3 Chanel’s 2 with 1/4 Line in or XLR no phantom power. And Chanel 3 is 1/8 TRS or stereo line in for iPod, computer or mp3 device. All 3 channels have volume, treble, bass knobs. There’s also a master volume. You can daisy chain these too. There’s a line out for a sub woofer too. It’s light, small 2 4.5 in speakers and a tweeter. Reminds me of the Trace TAb50 R amps but smaller and lighter. I ran my DeVoe with RMC pickups into the Poly Drive II, Fishman Aura Spectrum DI and TC Electronics Hall of Fame and Ditto Looper. The Powerwerks PW50 sounds great and can easily be a pa for a wine tasting room 20-50 people as well as a Coffe shop or small house party.






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