Mackie 802VLZ4



Just picked up a Mackie 802VLZ4 Mixer and it’s fantastic. The mic pres (ONYX) rock I used my DPA 4099G with no eq and my DeVoe sounds the best I’ve heard it thought a mixer. The mic pres really made a huge difference over the other mixer I was using. I really like the way the mixer is laid out and looks. I will be using this mixer live 2-3 times this week and will write more later.

(Update 8/14/13)
Gigged with the Mackie 802VLZ4 last night and had so many complements on the sound. With the QSC K10’s the sound was clear, defined and crisp separation. I really liked using the DPA 4099G mic on my DeVoe Blanca. I added a but of reverb from a Lexicion MX 300 to give some space. Amazing sound thank you Mackie, DPA, Lexicion, QSC.




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