Dazzo Pickups w L.R. Baggs PARI DI


On my Cordoba F10 I installed the DAZZO 80’s (2) pickups. One of the great things is there are no electronics, or battery in the guitar. Thanks to Jason McGuire for telling me about Teddy Randazzo’s DAZZO’s pickups. Teddy is great to talk with in regards to installing the pickups.





8 Responses to “Dazzo Pickups w L.R. Baggs PARI DI”

  1. quietmind2014 Says:

    Hi, excellent reviews, very interesting info and wonderful music! I see that you had the opportunity to try and use most of the gear that I have thought about possibly using and I do have some of it as well. Based on your experience so far what setup would most recommend when comes to amplifying the nylon/flamenco guitar in a trio/quartet settings (vocal/percussion/violin and sometimes bass). with the goal being the most natural/full sound of flamenco guitar without feedback hassle. Of course I am talking about venues where external condenser mic is not an option. Thanks and many thanks for the reviews so far!!!!

    • v2or Says:

      My favorite as of today is the RMC pickups into a Fishman Aura, then for glops the DPA 4099 G mic. *(However)* my LR Baggs Lyric will or should be delivered tomorrow and there are quite a few of us who are hopeful. I will post my thoughts once I’ve gigged with it. To hear the set feel free to be a FB friend. I’m at guitarvictortarassov The Dazzo pickups are ok, they really require a very messy set up with glue and can take some time to get a good spot for good sound. I like them but my ears require some source to be a mic to like the sound. Hope that helps.

  2. quietmind2014 Says:

    Thanks Victor, I had a feeling you might go with RMC’s. I thought about installing them in my Navarro ‘Reyes’ Blanca but wasn’t sure if I could add another source (mic) to blend, plus little worried about affecting the unplugged sound due to those hex saddles. I am very interested to see/hear what you think of Lyric classical. This might just be the ONE…Cheers, Norm

    • v2or Says:

      For what it’s work Kai over at Guitar Salon has played my DeVoe and a few others and can’t believe there are pickups in the guitar and feel was not changed. I really think it’s important to have some one who knows how to install them. There are 8 wires in the RMC so you can add another source to blend a mic or transducer if you like. I use the Roland GI 20 to trigger synth stuff to.

    • v2or Says:

      Norm feel free to check video on FB guitarvictortarassov and look for video on 1.30.14 at The Blend

    • v2or Says:

  3. quietmind2014 Says:

    Very nice and very natural, I am sure DeVoe helps in sound as well.

  4. v2or Says:

    The two DeVoes I have sound great the Nega has no electronics or pickups, the Blanca has had so many pickups in it, but for the last three years the RMC pickups and either the DPA 4099 or Bruce Bartlett guitar mic

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