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New Live Rig 3/10/14

March 10, 2014


I’m switching up some of my live gear I’m using a Rane AP13 preamp for the RMC Pickups on my DeVoe Blanca and Cordoba GK Pro and F10 then I’m also using the Rane AP 13 with a Sennheiser Wirless system for both a DPA 4099G and a Regular Guitar cable. The RMC Pickups drive a RMC Poly Drive II which goes to a Fishman Aura then Rane AP 13 and Wirless goes to Rane AP 13 the Midi signal goes to a Roland GI20 and XV 2020 and that connects to the Rane AP 13 Aux in then from the Rane AP 13 it goes to a TC Electronics Dito Looper and then to a Bose ToneMatch and L1S system the rack gets packed into a Gator 4 space bag.






New Glope/Tap Plate on DeVoe Blanca

March 6, 2014

I put a new glope/ tap plate on my DeVoe Blanca using a thin 3m sheat of clear plastic (no adhesive) then to attach to guitar. I used Elemers white glue with a 2 parts glue 66% and 1 part water 33%. Then I applied it using q tips.