Roland Cube Street EX Review

I have been looking for a nice sounding portable battery powered amp to use for outdoor gigs or small settings wine bar, lobby, reception area. My primary use will be for nylon string guitar and playback do backing tracks. The Roland Cube Street EX is sounding pretty good with Shertler DYNG. On my DeVoe Negra. This is a new product from Roland 50 watts 2 8in speakers, 2 tweeters and yes battery power or AC. 4 Channels, one in for a iPod or iPad, one stereo in for keyboard, one microphone and one Guitar. There are two combo jacks that take XLR or tip ring sleeve or ring sleeve. It has built-in reverb and Chorus and delay. very light and easy to carry. I have had it for two days, I purchased it new from Sweetwater. I’m looking forward to the ease of use and can’t wait to use this with some of my other guitars and my soon Zofia Blanca with K&K Pickups. One of the best things about this amp/pa is it battery powered if you want to use it or you can run on AC as well. It’s smaller than the Roland BA 330 and lighter but to me has more useful features two Chanel’s with Bass, Mid, Treb, eq, reverb on mic channel, and reverb chorus and delay on guitar, iPod iPad in (and record and playback with app) and a stereo line in channel, useful for synthesizer, keyboards, drum machines. I really like using my Bose L1 S but this is a much more streamlined simple portable solution for where I don’t need as much power. I am very happy with the purchase and acquisition of this new smaller Roland Cube Street EX.


Hi, I’ve had my Roland Cube Street Ex for a few days giged with it and it works great. I like it’s light and can be used with batteries. I have used a DPA 4099 G mic and supplied it with phantom power. That’s my favorite, then I’ve used it with a Schtler DYNG, a Beyerdynamic Mic and the set up on my Cordoba GK Studio, and DeVoe w RMC pickups. I mainly purchased this for small indoor outdoor gigs where my Bose L1S was too much. My only thing with the amp is that you hear a little bit of his when you first hit a note (not very audible to a listener) but to those who have good ears you will hear it if your near the amp. It’s kind of like a compressor/gate opening up. It’s not a deal breaker for me as I really wanted to be able to play small outdoor gigs that may not have a power jack near or small wineries that would just need a little bit more than what my guitar alone would do acoustically. It’s a great amp to me smaller than the Roland BA 330 that I did own but was to big to travel with. I also like the 3 bass, mid, treb eq on two channels. I hope the gig bag is out for this soon. It’s going to get a lot of use this summer.


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