TC Electronic Poly Tuner Mini

I just picked up a TC Electronic Polytune Mini to complete my acoustic pedalboard. TC’s Polyphonic Tuner Just Got Smaller!
TC Electronic’s PolyTune Mini guitar tuner pedal packs many of the same great features found in their original PolyTune poly-chromatic tuning pedal into an even more compact and pedalboard-friendly format. Just plug in, stomp down, and strum – the PolyTune Mini makes tuning that easy! Its ultra-bright LED display lets you instantly check the tuning of all of your strings at once and adjust them with instant feedback. In poly-chromatic mode, the PolyTune Mini provides you with incredible +/-1 cent accuracy. If you need even tighter tuning, switch it over to monophonic tuning mode for a staggering +/-.5 cent accuracy. Any way you use it, the TC Electronic PolyTune Mini is an essential part of any guitar pedalboard.

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