Felix by Grace Designs Review

So I just plugged in my Jorge De Zofia with a L.R. Baggs Dual Source pickup using a cable from Gerald Rohm in to FELIX by Grace Design and all I can say is WOW just amazing and it sounds like my guitar louder, pure tone and clarity. Best preamp I’ve ever used for nylon string. This is my tone.  I also use the DPA 4099G mic, Kremona Pickup and RMC Pickups with Felix.  Blows away others I’ve used. Oh and I just ran Felix to powered 10in Speaker. Can’t wait to set this up on a pedal board and use Felix with a QSC or Bose. Oh well back to “Just Playing” Thanks to TJ at Sweetwater for getting this out to me and for Jim Stubblefield letting me know that Felix was being released.  This pedal is perfect for a pedalboard less than 12in long and about 5.5in wide and 2in high.  I have been waiting a long time for something like this to be available and when I found out early in the year this was comming out I was excited to have tone shaping/ sculpting possibilities.  The EQ is so musical and non steral with precision and clarity/ definition.  It’s really amazing.  The tone of your instrument really comes through assuming you have a great instrument, pickup, and or mic.  



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