Grace Designs Felix “Tames RMC Gold & Poly-Drive II”

I think I’ve rekindled my affection towards my DeVoe Blanca with RMC-Pickups & Poly-Drive II, DPA-4099G, and Grace Designs Felix PreAmp. The Grace Designs Felix Preamp was able to tame some of the piezo quack that drove me nuts and with the DPA blended in I can get very natural tone and loud without feedback. 



4 Responses to “Grace Designs Felix “Tames RMC Gold & Poly-Drive II””

  1. Jason Ford Says:

    Hey there. I’m a semi-professional acoustic (steel) player, and in trying to find an answer for my question, I ran across your blog and found that we both use a lot of the same gear – mainly the Felix by Grace and the RMC pickups, so I thought I’d ask you your opinion/experience.
    I have a couple of pre-amps that i use: a Pendulum SPS-1 for when we’re on the road playing larger venues, and the Felix from Grace Designs for smaller venues or acoustic sets I play with another project. I have a a couple guitars that I play with almost 80% of the time and I utilize dual-source pick-up systems in each. I have the Baggs M80 paired with a Baggs LB6 in one and in the other, I have a Sunrise S2 paired with a Barberra Soloist. Regardless of which guitar or preamp I am using (the Felix or the SPS-1), I always use the SPS-1 Dual Source preamp module, which splits the 2 pickup signal and sends each pickup’s signal to a seperate channel in the preamps for blending via a TRS cable(one via the tip and one via the ring).
    Obviously, the SPS and the Felix are great pre-amps for dual source systems, and I love each of them because of the level of control they give me in shaping each pickup’s sound/tone.
    I was recently “gifted” a RMC Gold pickup and was interested in trying it out and pairing it with one of my magnetic sound hole pickups (probably the Sunrise). I assume (without opening the box or looking at any wiring diagrams) that my tech can just solder the lead from the RMC to the ring pin of guitar’s endjack, so I can continue using the same instrument cable and Dual Source preamp module. The documentation I’ve seen indicates that the RMC works best with a polyphonic preamp. The RMC documentation also seems to indicate that the RMC Gold should be used with one of RMC’s Polydrive Preamps. So my questions is this: Is running the RMC through one their Polydrive Preamps necessary if I’m not really that concerned/interested in utilizing the MIDI functionality of the Polydrive Preamp? I would think that the Felix and the SPS-1 would be more than adequate in meeting the preamp requirements for the RMC Gold. Seeing as you have both the Felix and a RMC Polydrive Preamp on your pedal board, did you find that including the RMC Polydrive was necessity in terms of driving the RMC Gold pickup? Or do you have the Polydrive preamp in your signal path to utilize its MIDI functionality? I enjoy how easy it is for me to switch between multiple guitars that use dual source pickups by using the same instrument cable with the Dual Source pre-amp module that I have been using and would like to keep it that way if possible. I would appreciate any feedback you might have. Thank you very much for time. I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed running across your blog and reading your observations/experiences with all the “gear” you’ve blogged about. I love being a gear nut and love talking to others who enjoy their gear as well. Cheers!

    • v2or Says:

      Hi, for me the main reason I use the poky drive is I send the pickup signal flat to the Grace to shape tone and then a poly signal to a Roland GR Synth. Hope that helps. There are a few preamps that RMC makes that don’t have the synth access if you don’t need them.

    • v2or Says:

      Hi I personally think the Felix blows away the Pendulum in regards to durability and ease of use. No more rack either. I keep the RMC PolyvDrive Flat and use Felix to do any Eq stuff.

  2. Jason Ford Says:

    I love the Felix! And I am beginning to agree that the Felix’s portability and ease of use is what sets it apart from the Pendulum for sure.

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