OPI Nails For Guitarists 

I have for the last year  been using gel nails (with the uv light to harden).  Recently I was having dinner with Jim Stubblefield and he shared a great nail product called O-P-I Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener.  I have been using OPI for the last week and I like the sound, feel and tone I’m getting.  I still have gel on two other nails but from the looks of it I will be switching to OPI and stop using the gel nails.  

I play on nylon strings primarily 95% of the time and use techniques from  Flamenco style guitar playing.

The index and pinky finger still have the gel the middle and ring finger are the 


3 Responses to “OPI Nails For Guitarists ”

  1. Farid Says:

    Interesting. Any feedbacks since 2 years ago?

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