La Bella 2001 Medium Tension 

Two days ago I put on a set of La Bella 2001 Medium tension strings.  The set has 78.32lbs tension, much less than Daddario EJ45,EJ45C,EJ25C or EJ25B whic is what I have been using for years.  I have to say they were quick to be able to play and stay in tune less than an hour break in time.  The (G) string really impressed me as it felt good and nice on the fingers.  I think the bass strings are silky and smoth with a defined rich tone that keep opening up for a day or two.  They feel so good on the fingers.  The trebles are very constant from g,b,e and not to bright or metallic in tone yet they do have some sizzle.  I’m really liking these so far and will post more in 2-3 weeks.  Also worth noting these strings have a online price of 7.00-7.25.  There is also a 10 pack set and 3 extra g strings.  The strings are 3.00 less than some of the Dadario sets. 


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