D’Addarío Pro•Arté Composite Core•EJ25C

Just put a set of D’Addarío Pro•Arté Composite Core•EJ25C after having LaBella Hard Flamenco (Black Trebles).   I liked the tone of the LaBella but the D string started to fray and it was time to take the strings off.  They seemed to lose there snap too after a week and became dull and flat.  During the time they were one they needed constant tunning/ intonation.  The DAddario strings have a bit more tension 2lbs.  I have to say I think I just like the consistency of D’Addario and always come back to them. I’ve been using them since 1982. I’ve been using EJ45C for as long as I can remember but I really like the EJ25C

String TensionLaBella Hard Flamenco

E 13.97 G 11.44

A 15.18 B 11.44

D 15.07 E 16.06 Total=83.16

D’Addario EJ25

E 15.25 G 12.30

A 14.70 B 12.42

D 13.64 E 16.81 Total=85.120


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