Bose L1 Compact

Well for some of us getting older may mean not only are we smarter but we don’t want to carry around extrat stuff, in regard to gear stuff that’s heavy.  I love the sound of my QSC speakers and some other systems, even the Bose L1 is great.  However for some smaller performances the QSC or Bose L1 may be overkill.  I mean if your doing a house party or cocktail hr gig for 75-125 there has to be somthing smaller and lighter.  Good news is there is it’s the Bose L1 Compact.  

I recently did a house party with my QSC K10 speakers and was tired when I left and thought there has to be a quicker way to do these gigs.  After talking with my wife and a few others my wife decided to order a Bose L1 Compact for me.  I always though the Bose L1 Compact was kind of a toy or gimic system.  Well it’s not.  I was able to do a wedding with two guitars, a synth, and violin for 175 people.  We used the QSC TouchMix 8 as our mixer.  The size I think fools most of us and the joke is on us not Bose.  There are six small speakers in the line array and then a 8in speaker in the base acting as a bass driver.  The system will fill a room very nicely and with playing classical, flamenco, bossa nova style this system is great.  I’ve talked with another guitarist who uses two L1 compacts as his PA system and he belives you can use two for up to 400 people.  I think if your lookin for a system to help your guitar sound the way it sounds and you want a light 29lbs total then the Bose L1 Compact may just be your answer. 


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