Slick Bag for Bose L1 Compact

So this summer my wife was kind enough to purchase the Bose L1 Compact for me after seeing me struggle carrying heavier gear and speakers, poles, mixers etc even for smaller gigs.  I have been struggling to get my asthma under control.  There were times when I would have a bad attach when loading in or out.  The Bose L1 has made it easier and much quicker to load in or out.  I have to say for indoor and out door events where the head count is 1-120 the Bose L1 Compact is fantastic.  I have used 2 guitars and 1 line in for backing tracks.  No mixer 😎.  I use a Jorge De Zofia Flamenco Blanca with a LR Baggs Dual Souce pickup (Element & Mic) to a Grace Desigins Felix Preamp and then a few effects. All of this get routed to the Bose L1 Compact.  My only issue was I did not think the cover gives the Bose Compact the best protection.  I was happy to find the Slick Bag for Bose L1 Compact check out the pictures below.  It’s very well though out and provides 360 all around protection and easy to carry.


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