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Kaina The Guitarist (Nail Protector) 

February 10, 2016

  I have been wanting to try this product by Kaina The Guitarist for some time.  Guitar Salon in Santa Monica CA is the only one I know who carries this product.  It’s 19.99.  It was designed with a flamenco guitarist.  It looks good on the nails.


2 Coats

Both pictures above and below have 2 coats of The Guitarist  
I have put 4 coats on and will post more of my review in two weeks.  I have been using O.P.I Matte Naìl Envy for 9 months with very good results.  I just wanted to try this as it claimed that the nail can breath.    

“This product was developed with the Flamenco Guitarist “Jin Oki”. It is a strengthening base coat that uses oxygen permeable ingredients. Give your nails added protection by applying 2-4 layers of this matte base coat which can be easily removed with regular nail polish remover. Recommended for guitarist who have weaker, more brittle nails. ” Guitar Salon Web Page Store. 

The Guitalist(BNK-004)
This is a strong base coat developed for the guitarists. Mr. Jin Oki, a well-known flamenco guitarist, cooperated in developing this product. Unlike instant adhesive or superglue, this base coat will reinforce your nails without damaging them, even if you use it for a long time.
So after one week with four coats this is what my fingernails look like.  One broken nail (while playing) and a few chips and worn index top.  See pic below:

I think OBI is a bit stronger and more durable as well as 10.00 cheeper.