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La Bella 820 Red Nylon Flamenco Guitar Strings

December 11, 2016

I put on the La Bella 820’s on my Jorge De Zofia A1F Blanca Cedar Top Flamenco Guitar.  I have been using LaBella Medium 2001 and Daddario EJ45, EJ45C, EJ25B,and EJ25C.  I think I have found my new favorite string.  I will post more in a week and after a few sets.  I think they feel great, sound great and have defined rich quick tone.   I also like the wine colored red “Cabernet Sauvignon”is what I’m calling them. 


So hears my update on LaBella 820 Red new improved string set for Flamenco Guitar. I like them on my Cedar Cyprus Blanca JDZ. The trebles have lasted 4 1/2 weeks and the bass strings 2 1/2 weeks I think I could get 3-4 weeks on bass strings but they were wearing out and I did not want to break a string live. The tone is just a bit brighter than say DAddario EJ45 but very similar to EJ25C. They feel good to me the bass strings snap and sizzle and tune up very quickly. They also can produce nice warmth. When you dig in you can appreciate the responce and clarity of tone produced. The trebles are red like a nice Cabernet red wine. I like the color. They are rectified nylon so they are not as smooth or glassy like the LaBella 2001. I have played them with my fingers and a nylon DAVA pick. I like the sensitivity of the string as it reproduces great tone from the slightest touch to being able to reproduce great tone when I dig in too. They do feel different from what I’m used to but I like them and ordering from Strings By Mail, Sweetwater 6.49 or LaBella is a breeze. LaBella also has great customer service.