BiX Grace Designs 

For my mini Pedalboard I have chosen the Grace Designs BiX instrument preamplifier.  I have a KoKKo Space Hall Reverb, I will add a Line 6 G 30 and looper later.  I will generally be using this mini bord for wedding cero and cocktail hr gigs with the Bose Compact.  Below is how I have it set up with my Culpepper Blanca with a LR Baggs Dual Source pickup system:


12 Responses to “BiX Grace Designs ”

  1. joecarter100 Says:

    do you find that you’re setting the BIX the same as you would the ALIX?

  2. v2or Says:

    I have is set up a little different, especially when I use it with the Bose Compact. I use the line out TR Cable to Bose Compact set on Line In. I use the dip switch set to hi (in the bottom position) cuts 200Hz-14(Hz see pictures for Settings. Hope that helps.

  3. joecarter100 Says:

    Yes, that helps. I have the ALIX and I’m still trying to figure out everything. I’m clueless once I get past the bass-mid-treble controls. I have a handmade classical with a Barbera pickup going into the ALIX going into an AER amp and I’ll sometimes add in the DPA 4099 clip on mic. This is all top shelf gear but I still can’t get that “sound” I want for live trio gigs. I seem to get it sometimes by accident or if I’m doing a concert and there’s a sound guy. He can get it without a problem. Basically I want the acoustic sound of my guitar but louder for gigs. OK, vent/ rant over. Thanks for your blog, I just came across it and I’m finding a lot of good info.

  4. v2or Says:

    I believe the Barbera is a saddle pizzo. You will most likely have to tame the low and mids. You may want to get a LR Baggs Dual Source and run the pickup into the pickup jack and then add a international mic like the one from KR Baggs that will most likely get you closer to the sound your looking for.

  5. v2or Says:

    Try the jumper in AliX set it to hi 200hz and then 700-100 on mids and see if that cleans up the low and mid for you

  6. joecarter100 Says:

    I tried it out on a gig today and it helped a lot. Thanks. Any advice for settings if I was to use just the DPA 4099G?

  7. v2or Says:

    How are you getting phantom power to BiX?

  8. v2or Says:

    AliX can be wired with a special TRS cable and Micro dot DPA 40.00 to get power from AliX to 4099 eq most likely with out hearing your guitar de with bass tame low-mid high and leave treble alone.

  9. joecarter100 Says:

    The DPA goes to wireless Line 6 G50 to the ALIX to the mic input of the AER amp, which gives it the phantom power. I haven’t been able to get rid of the “boxy” sound.

  10. v2or Says:

    If the Line 6 is being used with the DPA then AER is not giving it phantom power nor are you getting the bennifit of 48v with Low Cut on Micro dot XLR connecter. You will have no eq filter on mic so cut the lows to taste.

  11. v2or Says:

    The boxy sound is the proximity effect- mic is too close to soundhole. Or your guitar may be bassy. You will have to cut lows from at least 125Hz-and below with the XLR micro dot connecter dose. If your not using it the you have to use Your eq settings.

  12. joecarter100 Says:

    So if I understand you correctly, I need phantom power from the DPA mic into the ALIX. How about if I go DPA mic with the Micro dot XLR connector into a ROLLS 48 volt phantom power supply into an XLR to 1/4 inch adapter into the ALIX into the AER amp, would that do it?

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