Boss AD-10

Than-you Josh Estock from Sweetwater for getting it to me and keeping me posted on shipping & delivery.  I am really liking the Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamp. I have been waiting for some time for the AD-10 to be available. I like the Boss AD-2 as well. But the AD-10 makes it so I don’t need anything else. I can run AC or 6AA batteries for the power. Then adjustable gain in on 1 or 2 channels even 1&2 at the same time. Digital EQ on both channels. Adjustable Low Cut 10-990Hz , Mid adjustable 200Hz-5.0kHz, Treble, Presence, and Level of eq. Anti-Feedback Reduction, 2 notch switches. 3 Types of Acoustic Resonance (Think Aura) kind of. To me it sounds more woody and natural. You can adjust the tonal quality as well. It’s a fully adjustable blend with the pickup. Off, Soft or Hard Compression, 3 Delay effects, 3 Chorus effects, 3 Ambiance/Reverb effects, Boost, 90sec Looper, extra Effects Loop, Tuner, 10 memory Preset Banks. Option for volume pedal or switches. Smaller than a iPad. Just played with the mic and pickup on using a Bose Compact 3 ft away at 97bd w no feedback. Fits perfectly in my SKB iSeries case. I Gig with two nylon string guitars a Andy Culpepper Spruce Blanca Flamenco with a LR Baggs Dual Source Pickup (Element and Mic) I run the Element into input 1 and Mic into 2. I mix the signals at 60%pu and 40mic. I do eq each separately. My other guitar is a Cordoba GK Studio Limited with the Fishman Presus Blend pickup. It’s two sources a undersadle and mic blend. The AD-10 sounds great with the GKSL . For most gigs I see myself bringing the Guitar, Smal Case with Boss AD-10, and Bose L1s or Compact, with a few cables. For gigs with no AC I’ll use same guitars, Boss AD-10 with batteries and a Behringer Europort MPA40BT. Good for outdoor wedding ceremonies or smaller gigs 75-150 people. The Boss AD-10 makes my life very easy. I will try using two Line 6G-30 for wireless functionality soon.

8 Responses to “Boss AD-10”

  1. joecarter100 Says:

    for live gigs, would you choose this over the ALIX?

  2. v2or Says:

    That is a great question. I’m going to Gig with both tomorrow and will have a better idea. I need to see how I feel in a live situation but at home it almost seems like the boss ad-10 is all I need. For me the AD-10 makes it much easier to travel with and the fact that it can use six AA batteries allows me to use it anywhere. When it comes to sonic reproduction of tone I don’t think anything can be to Grace units. However the AD-10 has some unique functionality such as acoustic residence which at that what he told me to the other saddle pick up . Three built in effects chours delay and reverb, then there’s anti feedback, 2 notch filters 2 Chanel eq and a looper.

  3. joecarter100 Says:

    testing it “in the field”, not just “in the lab”. This is good. I’m waiting to hear the results.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I would be very interested to know how you think the Boss Ad-10 stacks up sonically compared to other preamps (eg the Grace Alix and Bose Tonematch, LR Baggs Venue DI). I’m not so much concerned with the quality of the effects but more the clarity, headroom and fullness of the basic tone. Do you regard this as pro unit or just a bit of an audio toy?

    Also, does the Boss’s XLR out provide sufficient signal gain to drive a powered PA speaker directly (without the need for a mixing desk) and do volume adjustments affect the signal from the XLS outs?

    Many Thanks

    • v2or Says:

      Hi, before I head out I just wanted to say on a sonic level there is no comparison to the Grace Design Preamps Bix, AliX, and Felix. I actually sent my Boss AD 10 back. I did not like that I could not run the simulation only on one Chanel. What I was hoping to do was add the image to my Element pick up separately from the mic. I’m not able to do this so it’s not a solution for me. I currently use the Grace AliX with my guitar and primarily a Grace AliX with the LR Baggs Dual Source.

      • Jonathan Says:

        Thanks very much – so you are saying that the two guitar sources can be eq’d separately but the other effects are global and not individually assignable? Sonically would it be in the same ballpark as the Lr Baggs Venue Di?

  5. v2or Says:

    If you use the guitar acoustic simulation it’s on both channels. The sound quality of Grace is superior there’s more heard room and better tonal definition. The Grace Gear is just a much better preamp.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Thanks for your advice.

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