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DPA 4099G 

October 27, 2017

This is a fantastic mic for my Andy Culpepper Blanca and Lester DeVoe Negra.  I use the Radial Engineering Voco-Loco Preamp with a Kokko Space Reverb. All this goes to a mixer  (FOH) or powered speaker.  I get great results when I use this system and it brings out my true Guitar tone.

Boss RV 500

October 10, 2017

Absolutely one of the best sounding pedal Reverb’s I’ve used to date. I’ve used Strymon, Neunaber, TC Electronic, Electro Harmonix and a few others. The Plate & Hall Reverb are fantastic on nylon strings. Lots of tweeking possibilities. The ability to pull off my pedal-board and use with batteries is s plus for my use. Many of the good reverb pedals on the market don’t have this option. 32bit 96k sampling is an industry high. I’m liking it so far.