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Aeros Looper Singular Sound

January 27, 2020

*** Update*** After using the Looper and talking with Singular Sound A few times about the firmware and issues I was having with storage, SD cards sink and a few others I decided to send the looper back.

What I wrote on social media:
Tried both loopers and I prefer the Boss RC-300, RC-3,and RC-1 over the Aeros Looper. The pedal layout (on off) on Areos is on the top left. The synchronization with Beat Buddy is glitchy and can come out of time making it useless and non musical. The Areos has firmware still in production- NO SD Card, No Bluetooth, No WIFi Apps, No iPhone of iPad apps, No USB functions. No ability to save on SD cards. It’s to finicky and unstable to trust for live performance in my opinion. Sending it back! Unless you have lots of time and you want a headache and you know that it’s going to glitch out on you and fail I would stay away from this product for now maybe in a year or two they work out the kinks and it will become stable. This seem like a promising product but for my uses it does not deliver. The only functionality that was positive was that you could start the Beat Buddy and that would trigger the looper. However if you try to start the loop or from the Beat Buddy I could not get that to work . I contacted Singular Sound and they could not say when the updated firmware would be available could be a month could be longer at any rate the functions that are promised in the disclosure on the webpage and it Sweetwater are not currently usable. #singularsound #beatbuddy #singularsoundaeros #singularsoundbeatbuddy
Demo Aeros Looper. This was recorded using a nylon string guitar with an LR Baggs dual source pick up (Element & Mic) to the L.R. Baggs Align Series EQ and Reverb our to the Aeros Looper. Drum Sounds from Beat Buddy synchronized by 2 cables via midi.

Daddario EJ45C

January 7, 2020

I have been using Daddario strings since I started playing on nylon strings over 20 years ago. In 2019 I spent the year trying various brands. Many are well known. After a year I have decided I just like the feel, tone, stability and intonation as well as the value of the Daddario EJ45C both on my DeVoe Negra and Culpepper Blanca.

Cejilla / Capo

January 7, 2020

There’s something just nice and traditional with using a old world type of capo cejilla. Not always easy to put on and use however there’s a cool ritual. Going to start using these in 2020.