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Pedal Boards

September 7, 2017

Some folks have asked about my pedalboard and what I use. 

I basically have 3 systems each has thir purpose.  They are as follows. 

#1 the most.  Its main component is the Grace Design AliX that dose the Gain, EQ, Bost, Effects loop, DI out to get the signal I use s Saturn Works A/B Switcher one signal is wireless A and the other is s cable B into a one line out. This goes to the Grace AliX I do the Gain structure hear and eq the lows and tame 110Hz on High I give 1-2db bost.   I run a tuner the DÁDDARÍO pedal tuner from line out. My effects loop has the KoKKo Space Reverb and Digitech Jam Man Solo XT Looper.  I use this on my 3 giging guitars the Andy Culpepper Blanca with Lr Baggs Dual Source,  JDZ Blanca with LR Baggs and a Cordoba GKSL with Fishman Dual Source.

**Update** 9/7/17 

I wanted to have the Boss AD-2 for gigs without a Pedalboard and to use with Behringer Europort MPA40BT.  So I put the Fishman Aura Nylon on.

#2 Grace BiX to a KoKKo Reverb and a TC Electronic Ditto Looper.  Smaller board and less control but great sound.  Easier to travel with.  I do at time move the Line 6 Wirless over to this pedal board too.  I use this on my 3 giging guitars the Andy Culpepper Blanca with Lr Baggs Dual Source, JDZ Blanca with LR Baggs and a Cordoba 
#3 Boss AD-2 Pedal I use it for locations where there’s not easy access to AC power and for smaller events like weddings, cocktail hour on the beach.   I generally use the pedal with the Behringer Europort MPA40BT battery powered PA speaker.  Generally the Cordoba GKSL is the guitar I use. 

#4 Boss AD-10 When the new AD-10 becomes available I will try the new digital Preamp out.  

Boss Acoustic Preamp AD-2

September 1, 2017

The Boss Acoustic Preamp AD-2 is perfect with Behringer Europort MPA40BT. This is not a traditional preamp with gain and eq knobs like: gain, bass, mid, treble.  It’s spicific to acoustic guitar instruments.  It’s kind of like a Fishman Aura or TC Electronic Body-Rez with a notch filter to control lows if feedback rumble starts.  For me with my LR Baggs Dual Source or Fishman Presus Blend it sounds great.  The Boss AD-2 has just a bit of Reverb not like a hall full wet but enough ambience to get rid of the dry harsh sound. You can run it off 9v or 9v rechargeable which I will be doing or a power supply.   I purchased this one new at Russo’s in Hamilton NJ. 

From Boss “Bring Your Acoustic’s Natural Sound to the Stage
The tone of an acoustic guitar is created by the complex interaction of sounds from its body, top, strings, and other elements. And as you play with varying techniques, dynamics, and more, this interaction constantly evolves to create the rich, woody sound we love. Unfortunately, the standard undersaddle piezo pickups installed on most stage guitars simply can’t reproduce this resonant complexity. The AD-2’s Acoustic Resonance effect solves this issue by analyzing the input signal as you play, and then employing advanced processing to beautifully recreate your guitar’s naturally evolving tone. Twisting the one-knob control adjusts multiple parameters inside the AD-2 to achieve the perfect tonal balance for any style, from delicate fingerpicking to intense strumming.
Enhance Your Guitar with Pro-Quality Reverb
After using Acoustic Resonance to bring back your guitar’s natural, intimate tone, adding some further depth and dimension with a little reverb makes it that much better. With the AD-2’s Ambience effect, you can dial in studio-quality reverb for any performing environment. Unlike standard reverbs that can cloud an acoustic guitar’s sound, the optimized BOSS algorithms in the AD-2 produce lush, deep ambience that perfectly complements your instrument’s voice. Like the Acoustic Resonance effect, a simple one-knob control tweaks many interlocked parameters under the hood, giving you access to a wide range of detailed reverb sounds.
DI Output and Feedback Killer
The AD-2 features two independent outputs for performance flexibility. Connect the Output jack to your acoustic guitar amp or stage monitor, and use the Line Out to send a balanced signal direct to the PA mixer. It’s even possible to turn off the Ambience effect in the Line Out signal, giving the PA engineer the flexibility to add their own reverb at the board. And if you encounter any low-frequency feedback issues on stage, the AD-2’s notch filter has you covered. As soon as you hear that familiar rumble, just turn the Notch knob until it goes away. It’s that easy!”

Behringer Europort MPA40BT 

August 29, 2017

The Behringer Europort MPA40BT  is a great all in one Battery Powered PA for less than 180.00 on the street. Two channels line in or XLR.  Bluetooth and USB Digital 2 Mic Capability.  Power for 8hrs. It solves a problem for the gigging musician who has paying gigs for 50-150 people but dose not need the power a DJ would need for a dance floor party.  So many gigs just need some general power to amplify for a small group.  This is an easy set up and makes for a nice gig paying 175.00-300.00 and in a park or backyard.  Just grab your guitar the Europort MPA40BT and maybe a mic or a few battery powered effects and You good to go.  I could see busking with this too in NYC.  The Bluetooth feature let’s you stream from your iPhone or Android device.  I’ve used it with my Andy Culpepper Spruce Blanca with a LR Baggs Dual Source and my Cordoba GKSL with a Fishman Presus Blend.  Both sound great.  Thank you Michael Perez for sharing the information on the Behringer Europort MPA40BT with me.  For more information check See video at bottom for and idea of the sound.