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Small Gig Rig

February 17, 2018

Very happy with this small “Gig Rig” 5 gigs and works well and sounds great. It also is very light. The Bose S1 Pro w Battery, Cordoba F7 Paco with Fishman Ellipse Matrix Dual Source Pickup in a Mono Classical Guitar Case/Bag and a Fishman Platinum Stage Preamp/DI. Everything I need fits into 3 small pices.

All set up

All packed and ready to go

Cordoba F7 Paco

February 15, 2018

I decided I wanted to have a guitar on gigs that would sound good, feel good and look good that would be able to handle heat and humidity as well as a durable finish. I decided on the Cordoba F7 Paco a Cedar Top and Rosewood Laminate Back and Sides.

The neck is 52mm providing a traditional feel. The pictures are of the actual guitar. I changed the strings to DAddario EJ46C and chose the clear G string over the coffee composite. I had the Fishman Ellipse system professionally installed.

It was installed at Russo Music by Trevor Cannie

For Russo’s and Trevor you can reach them at 609-888-0629

For controls and a Preamp I chose the Fishman Platinum Stage

What a great small battery powered (or 9v power supply or 48v phantom powered from XLR) new preamp from Fishman the “Platinum Stage”. It so small fits in a guitar case. It gets rid of the low mud tone. In guitar mode the bass is at 150Hz, there’s a low cut switch for 30hz, 80Hz, and 160Hz. The middle is from 200Hz-3.1kHz Q1.3 and treble is at 6kHz. I like that this is battery powered so I can use it with the Bose S1 Pro and my guitars with LR Baggs or Fishman pickups. On the Cordoba F7 Paco w Fishman Ellipse it sounds great. Thanks FishmanI have been using the Bose F1 Pro and all these pieces of gear make a great portable Gig Rig.

Cordoba F7 Paco

To me this Crdoba F7 Paco is a fantastic find. For those of us who have beautiful instruments and find ourselves wanting to play in conditions where our prized guitars would be in danger of cold, heat, humidity or other environmental dangers. This guitar can possibly come to the rescue. The Crdoba F7 Paco looks and feels fantastic. Did I day looks good? The attention to detail that Cordoba did on this guitar really shines through to the matched back& sides (laminitis) and how they match each other in regards to the woods grain patterns. The finish is not so thick to dampen the tone. To the normal eye this looks like a fine flamenco guitar that is been handcrafted. The top is solid Cedar while the back and sides are laminate’s of Rosewood. The guitar has been decorated beautifully with trim that accentuates the two woods from Cedar top to Rosewood back and sides. The guitar is easy to play with low action 2.7mm on bass and 2.6mm on treble, and a very comfortable neck with a standard with 52 to 53 mm at the nut. Include gig bag is light and easy to travel with but does not offer the gigging or traveling musician good road protection. For my purposes I will be putting a pick up with a under saddle coaxial and then a small microphone. I’ve enjoyed playing the guitar over the last two days and I enjoyed hearing the guitar player by a friend who also enjoyed the feel and the tonal richness of this guitar. Crdoba did a fantastic job with this model and it’s worth checking out if you need a good travel/ student/ giging guitar for environments where you don’t want to take your real babies out. I will be taking it to play tonight in Long Island NY (it’s going to below freezing tonight) Thanks to Yuval And Shipping crew for putting together my order and getting to to me supper quick and safe. The team at Sweetwater and Cordoba has exceeded my expectations for this guitar. Thanks