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DÁddarío EXP46

August 29, 2017

The DÁddarío EXP46 were on my Andy Culpepper Spruce Blanca but I took them off after 3 days.  I went back to EJ45’s on the bass and GSP Super Treble Medium Tension.  I did keep them on my Cordoba GKSL.  I’m liking them a lot.  The total tension is 87.36lbs as opposed to EJ45 at 85.85 lbs. so there’s only 1.51 difference in overall tension between EXP46 (Hard Tension) and EJ45 (Nornal Tension) I have used EXP45 they are 81.05 lbs.  I have been using EJ45C for 10 years and as my fingernails have shortened and my technique has been improving I felt it was possibly time to change to a higher attention just to see what the tone and feel would be like.  I am happy I have tried to hire tension.  I feel like it’s a bit easier to play fast passages internally there hasn’t been that much of a shift maybe just the slightest hair of stiffness on the top of the guitar not producing some of the wood or air tone that one might here.  Don’t give me wrong it’s still there it’s just the slightest shift that I noticed when I change the strings.  Strings are such a personal preference anyway and there’s so much that goes in to the effect of how the overall tone that is heard gets produced… The humidity in the air. The temperature… and any rate for the moment the Strings seem to be comfortable on these two guitars and I will keep using them for the next couple months.  

    On the Culpepper above.

    On the GKSL above.