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Added Compression to live rig

July 12, 2011

After a conversation with (Taz) Terrance Sellers I decided to try using the DBX 266xl Gate Compressor again.  My DPA 4099G mic goes to the Mackie Pro FX8, bass cut on channel one, eq on channel all set to 0+/-My Settings are Expander/Gate -40 Ratio 2:1 on Compressor Threshold +10, Ratio 3:1 Attack 12 o’clock. Release 12 o’clock, Output Gain +10.  Then back to the Mackie Pro FX8 and the DBX 131s is between the line out on Mackie and input of the QSC K


Update for Live Setup

July 10, 2011

I’ve just started using the DBX 131s and my iPhone with a RTA ( Real Time Analyzer) by Audio Tools by Studio Six Digital. My signal is the DPA 4099G mic or Shure KSM 141, then to my Mackie Pro Fx8 Board, then in Chanel one or two I run a trs cable to the DBX 131s and set mic gain and fader volume. Then I run the RTA to see where frequencies begin to feedback and notch them out. The Mackie then runs a line to my QSC K8 speakers.