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Earthworks SR 20 Microphones

December 15, 2018

The Earthworks SR 20 has been the best microphone I’ve used while playing nylon string flamenco guitar’s live. Amazing mic never used my pickup tonight. No feedback and very little eq needed. Love the Earthworks SR 20. The mic performed beyond my wildest expectations. This was a joy and so fun to use and hear. So many compliments on my sound tonight too. To my ears much more transparent than the DPA 4099 more open and natural sound no boominiess. Going to use it the rest of the year. Then make final conclusions.

From Earthworks:

“These microphone reproduce an incredibly transparent sonic character due to their flat, extended frequency response, faithfully capturing every detail along the way. With a lighting fast transient response, SR microphones handle sharp attacks with ease, while still capture all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of your playing.

The SR Series have an incredible transparent sound quality, offering near-perfect polar response and high rejection of sounds at the rear of the microphone—ideal for sound reinforcement. Earthworks directional microphones have patented near-perfect cardioid and hypercardioid patterns. The sound across the entire front hemisphere is remarkably uniform and is flatter at 90 degrees than most microphones are on-axis. The result? Simplified mic placement, less leakage and more gain before feedback. With 32dB of off-axis rejection, these microphones are ideally suited for capturing audio in highly ambient environments and near monitor speakers.

The Earthworks SR20 is a multi-purpose vocal & instrument microphone designed for live performance and studio recording environments.


The ultimate workhorse microphone, the SR20 is designed to seamlessly transition from tracking vocals in the studio to miking acoustic guitar onstage and everything in between.

The SR20’s near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, ensuring more gain before feedback and virtually eliminating phasing issues when using multiple microphones.

It handles transients with ease, reproducing every detail no matter how sharp or subtle. Capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 139dB without distortion, the SR20 can handle nearly any instrument.

Featuring a screw-on metal mesh windscreen, the SR20 is a world-class vocal microphone that captures the subtle details of your performance. Its clean on-axis response provides maximum intelligibility of vocals up to 90 degrees off-axis, while rejecting off-axis noise and feedback from ambiance, surrounding instruments and nearby stage monitors thanks to its massive rear rejection.

This performance also makes the SR20 a stellar choice for presentations, press conferences, meeting halls and more. When every word counts, the SR20 will deliver.

Unscrewing the SR20’s windscreen reveals an instrument microphone that is equally at home miking acoustic guitar, brass, woodwinds, drums, guitar amp, and more.”