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Electro-Voice Evolve 50

January 3, 2018

EV Evolve 50. If your in the market to replace or need to replace your PA check out the EV Evolve 50. Let your ears tell you what to do. I don’t want to get into what’s best just letting others know for this tone junky this works. After an evening of A/B with the EV & Bose L1 there’s a warmth that the Bose did not have compared to the EV. I want to A/B on a gig and at gig volume before I decided. Don’t get me wrong the Bose still sounds nice however the EV seems more natural/ neutral. The EV Array speakers are 3.5 with neodymium drivers. The EV Evolve systems range from 37Hz – 20KHz. The Portability is much easier than my Bose and the EV will fit into two small soft bags and one even has rollers.