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Small Gig Rig

February 17, 2018

Very happy with this small “Gig Rig” 5 gigs and works well and sounds great. It also is very light. The Bose S1 Pro w Battery, Cordoba F7 Paco with Fishman Ellipse Matrix Dual Source Pickup in a Mono Classical Guitar Case/Bag and a Fishman Platinum Stage Preamp/DI. Everything I need fits into 3 small pices.

All set up

All packed and ready to go

Fishman Platinum Stage Preamp

February 15, 2018
What a great small battery powered (or 9v power supply or 48v phantom powered from XLR) new preamp from Fishman the “Platinum Stage”. It so small fits in a guitar case. It gets rid of the low mud tone. In guitar mode the bass is at 150Hz, there’s a low cut switch for 30hz, 80Hz, and 160Hz. The middle is from 200Hz-3.1kHz Q1.3 and treble is at 6kHz. I like that this is battery powered so I can use it with the Bose S1 Pro and my guitars with LR Baggs or Fishman pickups. On the Cordoba F7 Paco w Fishman Ellipse it sounds great. Thanks Fishman #FishmanElectronics #Fishman