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Saddle Up – What to use Bone, Carbon, GraphTech?

March 18, 2015

I have been working on achieving string balance from the Low e to the high E on my Zofia blanco Cedartop flamenco guitar.  It has the Carlos Amplification Doble pickup in it with the Coaxail Trandsducer (UST) i’ve had a few string balance issues and tried three separate saddles.  I have switched to the L.R. Baggs Dual Source and prefer it very much over the Carlos System.  With the LR Baggs system I get better string balance, tone and control of my tone. 

1. Bone, 2. Carbon (1mm strip) w/ Bone, 3. Carbon, 4. GraphTech BlackTusqXL

To my ears with the L.R. Baggs and a good set up with a bone saddle you will get a great tone and sound from your instrument. 

The below picture is what I have come to prefer for the Carlos Amplification VIP Doble System. It’s bone with a 1mm cabin strip attached to the bottom of the bone with StewartMac 20 Super Glue. 

Graph Tech Black TusqXL PT-9125-00

March 8, 2015

I was looking for saddles to be used with the Carlos Amplification VIP Doble Pickup System and came upon the GraphTech Black TuskXL PT-9125-00 you can order them from hear GraphTech TusqXL or on eBay.  I shaped the saddle using my Acoustic 6 Saddle tool from Jearld Rohm and a belt& disk sander.  Then I shaped the saddle with regular files to do the compensation and correct string plament.  The picture below is the saddle before sanding and shaping the last pic is the final shape.  I think it works very well and with the pickup sounding very good.  It transmits very well and I thinks it’s an added benifit to string trasmission to the pickup it gives a more woody tone to what the coaxial transmits.  Less midrange pezo sound.  The saddle is said to be “permanently lubricated.   Which increases richer harmonic content and increases tuning stability. ” “The major cause of tuning frustration is when the string binds at the nut/saddle.  Precision engineered with Teflon the slipperiest substance on earth, Black Tusk XL reduces this friction, increasing tuning stability. Based on the highly resonant TUSQ formula, and permanently lubricated throughout  you can play aggressively… Designed to transfer the right frequencies more efficiently, Black Tusq XL increases harmonic content resulting in crisp highs and big open lows.” GraphTech Packaging