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For 2019 Gear to be used.

December 6, 2018

Ez set up 1000w QSC CP8 & TouchMix 8 and it Bose TM4, Sennheiser G3 Wireless, DPA 4099G, and Culpepper w Dogal strings. And AudioTechnica Wireless. My personal preference was with QSC TouchMix8 for eq. The eq is very easy to program and get great sound. This will be the system I start using for restaurant gigs this 2019 and for a few other projects with other musicians. We’re trying to just Mic our instruments. I’ll be using QSC and EV for most gigs in 2019 and Bose S1Pros for outdoor weddings.

QSC TouchMix 8

January 6, 2018

Just received my TouchMix 8 and think it’s fantastic. Mic Pre’s are great, eq so customizable and precise, reverb lush and warm. Using this on Flamenco Guitars with Pickup, Internal Mic and External Mic DPA 4099. Then run to the speakers.

Gig Rig JDZ & Pedal Board

November 9, 2015

Updated “Gig Rig” all starts with a custom hand made Flamenco Cedar Blanca made by Jorge de Zofia of Palm Beach FL. I use D’Addarío EJ45 or EJ45C and EJ25C.  It’s outfitted with a L.R. Baggs Dual Souce Pickup System (Element & Mic) to a Line 6 Relay 30.  Then it’s all Eq’ed in the Grace Designs FELIX preamp.  (At times I also use the DPA 4099 G mic) on all my guitars. In the effects loop I have a Strymon Big Sky, to a DigiTech Jam Man Solo XT with a FS3X foot switch, to a BBE Sonic Stomp back to Felix. The pedals are mounted to the Pedaltrain Fly board.  I use the Bose L1 Compact or QSC TouchMix 8 and QSC K10’s. 

QSC TouchMix 8 Review 

May 28, 2015

The QSC TouchMix 8 is a 12 Channel audio mixer.  I chose not to go with the TouchMix 16 as I will primarily be using this mixer for solo duo and trio gigs.  I have a Bose tone match but I needed more channels and will be using two speakers as opposed to the Bose L1 S system.  I’m using the DPA 4099G on my flamenco guitar into channel 1 I will also be using the Grace Design Felix pre-amp.  The update was quick and easy I’m at version 2.1.  The screen is easy to use and with the right-hand rotary knob it’s easy to navigate and adjust all the parameters from the digital gain structure, eq, effects, routing, One third graphic parametric EQ. Aux sends, IEM, and other functions.  For my initial test I hooked the mixer up to 2 Behringer 210 Powered speakers.  I will be using QSC K8 and 10’s next week.  My primary speakers I use are the QSC k10’s. At this time I like the mixer and think it was well designed for the giving pro musician.  I will add more after I gig with it for a month or so.