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Savarez Cantiga

February 27, 2018

I have been trying the Savarez Cantiga 510MJ High and 510 MRJ Mixed Tension and like both. The Basses are the same. The sets are a mix of three lines of Savarez Strings. Cantiga on Bass. New Cristal on e & b string and Alliance on g. I have been trying them out on a Cordoba F7 Paco Cedar Top Flamenco Guitar.

I have had the Savarez Cantiga 510 MI High Tension strings on for about 10 days and really like them on my Cordoba F7 Paco Cedar Top. They needed about 2-3 days to warm up/ break in and are now very silky smooth on my fingers. Great tonal variations. The intonation is perfect on all strings. To me they don’t feel like a traditional hard tension string at 91.39lbs. The G string is the Alliance Fluorocarbon and feels good and good tone not tubby or to bright. They remind me of DÁddarío EJ45C when they are broken in. I think I’m going to keep using these for a bit. I hope they hold up to our door humidity and heat.