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Phil Jones AC 150 Cub w LR Baggs Dual Source

October 18, 2016

To hear the LR Baggs Pickup on a Jorge de Zofia Flamenco Blanca click JDZ & LR Baggs Dual Source.  What was used was a Jorge de Zofia Ceader Blanca guitar with a LR Baggs Dual Source Pickup system (Element & Mic) to a Grace Design AliX Preamp then a Strymon blueSky Reverb and Digitech JamMan Solo XT loop pedal in the effects loop.  XLR out from AliX to a Phil Jones AC 150 Air Pulse acoustic amp.

Pedalboard Update Strymon blueSky 

July 22, 2016

Pedalboard update (Strymon BlueSky) the blueSky adds so much more depth and smoothness to the decay reflections. The favorite that can be saved is very cool too- I have it on shimmer and normal is a hall setting.  I switched out the TC Electronic HOF mini for the bigSky and I’m very glad I did.  It sounds lust and very smoth.  The decay reflections sound natural.