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Daddario EJ 45 on Culpepper #83 with out and with EQ

May 16, 2020
DAddario EJ45

For this clip a Apogee Mic + was used to record a set of new DAddario EJ45 Strings on a Culpepper #83 Flamenco Guitar. Cubasis 3 was used on a iPhone 8 Plus. Reverb SE with Roma preset.

DAddario EJ45 on Culpepper #83

For 2019 Gear to be used.

December 6, 2018

Ez set up 1000w QSC CP8 & TouchMix 8 and it Bose TM4, Sennheiser G3 Wireless, DPA 4099G, and Culpepper w Dogal strings. And AudioTechnica Wireless. My personal preference was with QSC TouchMix8 for eq. The eq is very easy to program and get great sound. This will be the system I start using for restaurant gigs this 2019 and for a few other projects with other musicians. We’re trying to just Mic our instruments. I’ll be using QSC and EV for most gigs in 2019 and Bose S1Pros for outdoor weddings.

Ultra Portable and Battery Powered Rig.

May 15, 2018

I have for a long time wanted to be able to have a very easy and portable rig that sounds fantastic. It would be able to accommodate using a mixer as well as my DPA 4099G microphone. For me to be able to play outdoor weddings or outdoor events with an easy set up and no need for AC is a must. I’m so glad that this year Bose came out with the S1 Pro. I i’ve been using the S1pro for the last six months with no issues and I’m very happy with it (them I have 2) however to play things in stereo I needed a mixer and I’m glad that Behringer has a battery powered stereo mixer with phantom power. The Behringer Xenyx 1002B. The mixer when using phantom power needs 3 9 V batteries but if you’re only running the mixer without phantom power 2 9 V batteries. And then using my DPA 4099 microphone I use the Sennheiser G3 wireless we’re both the transmitter and receiver run on two AA batteries. All my batteries are rechargeable from batteries on the Bose to the batteries on the Behringer and the Sennheiser wireless system for my paddleboard I have a pedal train volto 2 battery that powers my LR bags Align Series EQ, Reverb, DI, TC Electronic Spark Booster & Looper & Line 6G30 Wireless.

La Bella 820 Red Nylon Flamenco Guitar Strings

December 11, 2016

I put on the La Bella 820’s on my Jorge De Zofia A1F Blanca Cedar Top Flamenco Guitar.  I have been using LaBella Medium 2001 and Daddario EJ45, EJ45C, EJ25B,and EJ25C.  I think I have found my new favorite string.  I will post more in a week and after a few sets.  I think they feel great, sound great and have defined rich quick tone.   I also like the wine colored red “Cabernet Sauvignon”is what I’m calling them. 


So hears my update on LaBella 820 Red new improved string set for Flamenco Guitar. I like them on my Cedar Cyprus Blanca JDZ. The trebles have lasted 4 1/2 weeks and the bass strings 2 1/2 weeks I think I could get 3-4 weeks on bass strings but they were wearing out and I did not want to break a string live. The tone is just a bit brighter than say DAddario EJ45 but very similar to EJ25C. They feel good to me the bass strings snap and sizzle and tune up very quickly. They also can produce nice warmth. When you dig in you can appreciate the responce and clarity of tone produced. The trebles are red like a nice Cabernet red wine. I like the color. They are rectified nylon so they are not as smooth or glassy like the LaBella 2001. I have played them with my fingers and a nylon DAVA pick. I like the sensitivity of the string as it reproduces great tone from the slightest touch to being able to reproduce great tone when I dig in too. They do feel different from what I’m used to but I like them and ordering from Strings By Mail, Sweetwater 6.49 or LaBella is a breeze. LaBella also has great customer service.

New Grace Design AliX pedalboard setup

July 1, 2016

New Pedalboard Layout. One of the best things about Grace Designs AliX is that there’s enough power to power all these pedals and wirless receiver. No messy power supply or extra cables. I run this direct into my mixer, Bose L1 Compact or Bose L1II wB2 sub & ToneMatch mixer, or a powered speaker like QSC K8. Thanks Eben Grace and Team at Grace AliX ROCKS! The board is: Grace AliX, input from Line 6 Relay G30- AliX, from efx loop (TC Electronic HOF Mini-DigiTech JamMan Solo XT w FS3X Switch) back to AliX and out via DI in AliX. All pedals are powered from AliX. The pedal board is the Pedaltrain Metro 20.

Slick Bag for Bose L1 Compact

December 8, 2015

So this summer my wife was kind enough to purchase the Bose L1 Compact for me after seeing me struggle carrying heavier gear and speakers, poles, mixers etc even for smaller gigs.  I have been struggling to get my asthma under control.  There were times when I would have a bad attach when loading in or out.  The Bose L1 has made it easier and much quicker to load in or out.  I have to say for indoor and out door events where the head count is 1-120 the Bose L1 Compact is fantastic.  I have used 2 guitars and 1 line in for backing tracks.  No mixer 😎.  I use a Jorge De Zofia Flamenco Blanca with a LR Baggs Dual Souce pickup (Element & Mic) to a Grace Desigins Felix Preamp and then a few effects. All of this get routed to the Bose L1 Compact.  My only issue was I did not think the cover gives the Bose Compact the best protection.  I was happy to find the Slick Bag for Bose L1 Compact check out the pictures below.  It’s very well though out and provides 360 all around protection and easy to carry.


Felix by Grace Designs Case

November 10, 2015

For when I travel or do a session where I don’t need my pedal board I now have a case for Felix.  I take Felix where ever I go, it’s simply a must for acoustic musicians as it’s the best dual Chanel preamp out there. 


D’Addarío Pro Arté my string of choice

November 8, 2015

So after a few months of trying various strings ( DAddarío, Labella, Savarez, Luthier and Hannabach) I have been using D’Addarío strings since 1982 but wanted to try some new strings out.  I did like the warmth of LaBella but found them to not stay in tune very long, as well as fall apart on the bass strings. All of the others did not leave a positive impression to me.  I decided what I like is the D’Addarío EJ25C 85.12 lbs and EJ45 85.85 lbs. on both my Zofia and DeVoe cedar top guitars. The lower tension of the bass strings I like and the higher tension on EJ25 is the same tension of the EJ46C Hard Tension and gives me excellent projection and tone with out raising the tension of the guitar to high. When I use the EJ46 strings the guitar seemed to lose some tone as the higher tension was stifling the top.   
I really like the way the EJ45 85.85 feel on my DeVoe Negra more tension than the EJ45C 83.74which I used for years.  Below is a chart of the string tensions in the EJ45 Composite series. 


I figured out why DAddario says the EJ45C has 96lbs in the set. It’s kind of misleading as it not really 96lbs (they give you the extra G string composite) which for the whole set includes 7 strings which add up to 96 but with the clear string your at 83.74 or with composite string your at 84.12 for tension.  I did send them a message and hopefully they can clear it up on thier web page and packaging. 

On my Zofia cedar Blanca I like the EJ25B and EJ45. On my DeVoe Negra I like the EJ45C and EJ45.

La Bella 2001 Medium Tension 

September 6, 2015

Two days ago I put on a set of La Bella 2001 Medium tension strings.  The set has 78.32lbs tension, much less than Daddario EJ45,EJ45C,EJ25C or EJ25B whic is what I have been using for years.  I have to say they were quick to be able to play and stay in tune less than an hour break in time.  The (G) string really impressed me as it felt good and nice on the fingers.  I think the bass strings are silky and smoth with a defined rich tone that keep opening up for a day or two.  They feel so good on the fingers.  The trebles are very constant from g,b,e and not to bright or metallic in tone yet they do have some sizzle.  I’m really liking these so far and will post more in 2-3 weeks.  Also worth noting these strings have a online price of 7.00-7.25.  There is also a 10 pack set and 3 extra g strings.  The strings are 3.00 less than some of the Dadario sets. 

Grace Designs Felix “Tames RMC Gold & Poly-Drive II”

July 12, 2015

I think I’ve rekindled my affection towards my DeVoe Blanca with RMC-Pickups & Poly-Drive II, DPA-4099G, and Grace Designs Felix PreAmp. The Grace Designs Felix Preamp was able to tame some of the piezo quack that drove me nuts and with the DPA blended in I can get very natural tone and loud without feedback.