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Live Set Up

November 6, 2011

For live playing I use my two DeVoe’s Negra and Blanca with a DPA 4099G mic into a Mackie ProFX8 and 2 QSC K8 Speakers and Shure in ear monitors .



I will be using QSC K8 for live playing

October 4, 2011

I have been trying pickups, mics, transducers and when its all said and done for live playing of the Flamenco guitar I have come up with the my 2 DeVoes, a DPA 4099G mic, Mackie ProFX8, and 2 QSC K8 speakers for live playing.  To my ears this is the best sound that faithfully captures what my hands and guitars are truly sounding like.



QSC K8 for Live Flamenco Guitar

August 7, 2011

I tried something new today. I hooked up a DPA 4099 G Mic to an Art Phantom II Power Supply then to the QSC K 8 Speaker Channel A with Mic Switched on and EQ Normal and Vocal Boost On. It sounded great with my DeVoe Blanca.



I was able to be at 106.7db without feedback using the DPA 4099 G


DPA 4099 G Mic

July 3, 2011

Used the DPA 4099g Mic with the DeVoe Blanca, ran the mic into a Mackie Pro FX8, and QSC K8. I was very happy with the sound and no feedback. Was told that you were able to hear the music inside the wine tasting room as well as outside.


This picture was taken at the end of the gig.