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Apogee MIC Stand Adapter

February 3, 2012

I just revived my Apogee Mic and wanted to use a mic stand for better placement. Apogee has not started to sell the adapter so I have been looking for a solution. I remembered that I had a mic adapter for my Enderol R-09 and tried it and it works perfectly. It’s now called a Roland OP-MSA1 that you can order from Sweetwater for 20.00. See pick below


Apogee MIC

February 1, 2012

I have loved Apogee gear from the first time I tried there gear. There new MIC is just amazing. To think a small MIC, a connecting cable and a Apple product like the iPhone, iPad, Touch or Mac is all you need to have a great mobile studio is just amazing. It’s true if you have two pockets you can carry a small studio with you to capture your ideas, jams, live shows, podcasts, and lectures etc. with great clarity and sound. The below is a clip of me capturing my guitar using the Apogee MIC and iPhone.