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Yamaha SLG200NW Review (Sent It Back)

July 27, 2017

I was recently told that the Yamaha SLG200NW has shipped and is in the USA. I have been waiting over a year for the release of the new model. I was told CITES confiscated the shipment. They are now in the USA this particular model has the wider nut 2-1/16" and for me that's very important. It also has Yamaha's SRT powered system that blends the UST pickup with a Mic sound, eq bass & treble, tuner, built in effects, MP3 jack, headphone output jack. The neck is an ebony fingerboard. The body is made from mahogany. Below are a few pictures. I will write more once I have played it for a bit and giged with it. This will be my outdoor wedding guitar.

Update #1 8/2/17 I have been playing it non stop since it arrived. I have waited over a year for this and for my needs it meets and exceeds my expectations. The neck 52mm is very comfortable. Once you get used to the size and playability I think you actually focus on you hand movement and this guitar polishes up your movements. I did need to polish the frets and put new strings on (DÁddarío EJ45). The mic modeling sounds great but when on more than 50% it needs some bass cut around 85-145Hz. I used the Grace Design ALiX to accomplish this. I plan on using the Grace Design Bix and use it to tame bass frequency. I have used the guitar with the Bose Compact, Bose L1S, Behringer B210 speakers, direct into Pro Tools on hear ttps:// The guitar tunes easy, the Preamp is very easy to use just bass and treble, tuner works great, effects are very nice I use reverb two which is a hall setting. The gig bag is nice and the guitar bracket for the top assembles very easy. I am very happy with the purchase and will be using the guitar for wedding, cocktail hr and outdoor gigs.

Update #2 8/3/17 Well I'm sad to say that while I like the concept of the silent guitar especially for practice I was not able to justify keeping it due to it sound quality live and direct into a sound board, mixer or DI like Grace Design AliX or BiX. I would not be able to trust the sound in a gig live where I would be paid to play. My clients & fans deserve sound that replicates the nylon string Spanish Guitar. It has been sent back.